you can't keep no chains on me, I was born free


Landon: “Go back out there in your camo and hide.”


“I’m right here guys.”

me: why the fuck can't i have a penis
me: why the fuck does everyone feel the need to piss me off
me: why the fuck is food so beautiful
me: why the fuck don't guys have to go through this shit
me: why the fuck is world war 2 going on in my stomach right now
me: when the fuck is menopause

We joke around in public places.

We hit each other but we never really fight.

We dance weird to awesome songs… just for fun :)

We give eachorther the “sexy face.”

If she takes my seat…..

We give each other high fives ;)

We scare each other all the time.

I love my best friend :)